About Me

A lie travels halfway around the world while the truth is still putting on its shoes

Originally from Madrid, Spain, I moved to the US in 1998. I call Virginia home.

I have lived in Europe (Spain, Portugal), Central America (only exception Guatemala), and North America (USA).

My professional life followed two parallel paths, hardly one without the other. I am also a cook whom others usually refer to as a chef.

I like football (also American), reading (when possible), good nutrition, exercising, all sort of movies, and music.

I believe in technology. I believe in Open Source.

"In 1983 I was discourage to become a programmer by a teacher."

I dropped out of college after my sophomore year. I had chosen Religion as my major but realized, perhaps for the better, that I had made a mistake. That was 1976 and I had just married my first wife.

In 1983 I tried to register for Fortran classes. I wanted to learn how to program those machines people talked about. But I was discourage to take programming lessons; I was told that there was a need for data entry personnel way more than there was for programmers. Not for me!

Finally, in 1987 I could afford to buy a brand new 8086 with a green phosphorus monitor. And a programming book. COBOL, not less! Three months later I sold my first program.

Screen shots of a handful of customer's projects...
...designed and published between 1999 - 2005

Featured Technology Projects

Local Chain Delivery Call Center
The local chain, Chippy, wanted all their orders to be taken in one location.
In 1990 I took over the challenge, at the time, to devise a way to set up a Call Center to take delivery orders over the phone by live operators, in one location, serving more than a dozen stores spread across the island of Mallorca, Spain. The orders, once entered in the server, should then be sent automatically to the correct store based on the customer's location.
At that time in history, there was not one similar project in the world that I could use as inspiration. After considering and rejecting several proprietary technologies available at the time, I ended up applying the FidoNet's technology ( and philosophy ) that I, as a BBS System Operator, used to participate in the world wide computer network called FidoNet using simple, regular phone lines and painfully slow modems . It worked like a charm!
The main application to take the orders was programmed, following my specifications, by Francisco Gonzalez, a Clipper programmer who worked at the Spanish phone company, Telefónica de España.
Start-up ISP
TDV stands for Tierra del Vino (Land of Wine), for the abundance of vineyards in the region.
In 1997 I participated as consultant for the founding of an Internet Service Provider in rural Valencia, Spain. TDV.Net
The company, now acquired and long disappeared, was started by a young local entrepreneur with vision and money to back him up.
The company, serving a rural area of Valencia, Spain, was an almost immediate success, signing up more than 1500 customers in its first month of existence.
I overlook and took active part in the programming of the company's first web site, as well as the in-house network of servers hosting our customers' storage space and content.
As a side note, at that time I was running one of the first on-line stores in Spain, selling the local ( and nationally acclaimed ) stuffed meats so typical of Requena, Valencia. I sold a total of 3 orders, but I was thrilled, I had found a new way to do business!
Restaurateur Pro
Now living in the USA, in 1999 I was asked to program a custom Point-of-Sales system for a local restaurant in Sterling, VA. Omias Restaurant.
Past experience influenced my decision to add Internet connectivity to the Restaurateur package. Time proved I made the right decision.
At that time I had more than 20 years experience in restaurant business. That helped me create a modular system with all the things a restaurant owner wants to have to help them run the business: Food and Drink Orders, Employees, Clock-In/Clock-out, Customers, Providers, Reports, Carry-Out, Delivery, Inventory, Reservations, and of course, Internet Connect, a module that enables the Point-of-Sales to receive, directly and real time, orders originated on the Web.
Advances in technology allowed me to easily integrate Internet Connect into the system.
Restaurateur Pro is now at the core of my current ongoing projects.